TroveHouse TROVE HOUSE BRAND Bathroom Basin/Sink Overflow Cover Helsinki Insert in Gold Colour (12 designs available) goldH

  • Please take care when clicking 'Add to Basket'. Don't be sold a shoddy item by sellers pretending to stock Trove House products.
  • Hard wearing Gold colour finish to match the taps ( very natural gold colour )
  • Manufactured specially for us to our own very high standards and then carefully packaged in a padded box to ensure the blemish free surface stays that way.
  • Designed to fit standard 22mm-23mm (7/8") overflow holes. Simply pushes in and clicks in to place, no tools are required
Product description
Genuine Trove House covers and inserts are a premium product
With a superb quality hard wearing finish to match your taps and are usually only found in top of the range basins

They decorate the overflow hole but most importantly they don't block it
You can now give your existing bathroom basin a new look as often as you like and you won't believe the difference they make.
To See Our Full Catalogue simply click on the blue '' link at the top of the page.
We sell eleven () different types of bathroom sink overflow inserts and covers.

We've been designing and supplying our own brand of overflow inserts for many years.
We have thousands of satisfied customers in dozens of countries.

It is often said "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" if that is the case then we should feel deeply flattered.
Unfortunately the flattery has come in the shape of cheap low quality Chinese copies flooding on to the market.
Some sellers even try to pass them off as Trove House products but it's easy to tell the difference, the low quality ones are covered in pits and blemishes.

Genuine 'Trove House' products don't have any defects and arrive in a padded box to ensure they stay that way.


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15 February 2016
Plastic, and I doubt will last long. But does the job and fits well.

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