UK EBP Earth Bonding Plug Kit with 1PC Wrist Strap and 1PC Grounding kit for ESD MAT DSEGO


:1000x10000MM MAT Only

  • UK Earth Bonding Plug with 1 x 10mm studs+2x4mm Banana Plug
  • Come with Grounding kit such as Wrist strap, Ground cord
  • Fits into a standard power plug 110V or 230V
  • Connector to earth pin resistance: 0.95 - 1.05 Mohms
  • Idea for providing earth grounding point for ESD bench matting, ESD flooring and ESD benches

Item:UK Earth Bonding Plug with x 0mm studs+x4mm Banana Plug

What's in package?

. PC UK Earthing Bonding Plug

.  PC anti-fatigue wrist strap

3.  PC grounding cord for mat

EBP Specifications:

. Fits into a standard power plug 0V or 30V

. ESD colour marked

3.  MOhm built in resistor

4. 3 grounding connections

5. Colour: Yellow

6. Material: Yellow,   ABS Size: 63 x 4 x 4mm


The Earth bonding plug is designed to provide a safe and easy method of using an earthing point for static control. 


The  Bonding Plug is fitted with three connectors which provides a connection to ground for cords from ESD bench matting, ESD flooring and ESD benches. Each 0mm stud has a M ohm safety resistor fitted. Manufactured with brass earth pin for maximum plug socket contact Fitted with M ohm safety resistor per connection.


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