UK Stock~No Tax To EU!!!600 Watt Micro Grid Tie Power Inverter 28 V-48 V Dc Input / 190 V-260 V Ac Output Charge for 24 V(36 V VMP) Solar Panel System With MPPT function U-POWER GTW-600W 28V-48VDC/190V-260VAC

  • Suitable for solar panels with maximum and operating voltage 24V - 48V DC and power up to 600W
  • Reduces your household electricity bills by generating solar power into the mains network
  • Direct connection of the solar panels - no need for a battery or solar charge controller
  • Fully automated operation, fault protection and automatic shut down
  • Big ball type fan,DIP PCB board,group capacity,low impedance filter is more effective, heating temperature is lower 15 degree

600W grid tie solar inverter for connecting solar panels to the grid - great for reducing your electricity bills and feeding clean energy into the grid

This grid-tie inverter is designed for connecting solar panels to the electricity grid, in order to reduce household energy bills and generate clean solar power into the mains network. By efficiencty converting DC power from solar panels into AC electricity, the inverter provides part or all the enerty consumed by household appliances, so they take less power from the grid network. The inverter automatically synchronises its output with the grid and also has an MPPT function to extract the maximum power from solar panels in all weather conditions.

with bi-color light.Low voltage: red light flash, inverter no work:High voltage: green light always on, inverter no work;Normal work situation: green light flash, higher watt flash faster.For this design you are very clear to know where is the problem if the inverter not work, very easy to know if from your solar panel or inverter.

The unit is suitable for solar panels up to 600W, with operating and open circuit voltage 28V - 48V. If the solar array is more powerful than 600W, it can be split into several groups of 600W of solar panels or less, with several inverters connected to the grid in parallel.

Note: this inverter is suitable for solar panels only. It cannot be used with batteries or any other DC power source.

Inverter specifications:

- Nominal power: 600W

- Solar panel input voltahe: 28V - 48V DC

- Maximum solar input current:40A

- AC frequency range:4 - 3 Hz

- Size: 2 x 8. x 0 cm

- Weight: 2 kg

The product comes with a detailed user manual which explains connections and operations.

Will including the AC power cord, DC cable will not including.


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