Voltage Tester With Sound VOLT STICK BPSCP VOLT STICK SOUND - IN04167 IT

  • Voltage Tester with Sound A non-contact instrument for safely checking the presence of an AC voltage without making any disconnections in cables, wall sockets, fuses, circuit breakers, junction boxes, etc. Applying the tip of the Voltstick to the equipment area / cable to be tested, will result in the tip glowing red and the buzzer sounding when an AC voltage is detected.
  • Locates breaks in cables
  • Detects blown fuses
  • Distinguish between live and neutral in single and three-phase supplies Identifies live cables in junction boxes etc. Checks the functionality of circuit-breakers and switches Tip illuminates red and the buzzer sounds to indicate a voltage
  • Fully insulated and approved, for safe use
Product description
Technical Data Voltage range 30 VAC 0-60Hz Response Time Instantaneous Over-voltage Protection CATIII, 1000V Altitude <000m Operating temp -10° to +0°C Power supply x AAA batteries (included) Dimensions 147 x 17mm ̀ Weight 40g (including batteries)


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21 September 2011
i bough a cheap version from [email protected] but it broke twice so i decided to purchase the real one .i cam packed in a jiffy bag and it was as described and works well .they are a life saver and ever electrician must have one and every home should have one .i am now medically retired so my volt stick will just get the occasional use but when i was in work i used my volt stick on a daily basic i must have bought several over the years when there was only the one to purchase the red one ..remember it ? can't fault it apart from the screw top being too easy to undo .i have found that it unscrews its self with ease i have pout a little electrical tape around it to stop it being lost in my tool box .other than that fantastic buy one
R Davison
8 January 2015
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