Wooden Train Advent Calendar Carousel FR289

  • Wooden Train Advent Calendar
  • Treats not included


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20 December 2011
What a disappointment! First thought was that the drawers were very small and not even a Cadbury's Hero would fit!, but the kids love a treasure hunt so the drawers were fine for a message to send them off to look in cupboards etc.
This was all very good fun, until we got to the 7th of December and couldn't find the drawer to put the message in - so the kids looked in number 6 again and thought nothing more about it. Then there was no 10, no 11, no 18 and no 19.
It is no consolation to have two 22's, two 14's, two 17's, two 18's and two 24's!! I suppose someone out there has the same problem (2x7s, 2x 10's, 2x 11's, 2x 18's and 2x 19's), oh well. I will get my tippex out in time for next advent and will add my own numbers!
On a lighter note, the cats love pouncing on it and watching the drawers fall out - it is quite a sturdy little number!

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