Wynn's 1831071 61479 Brake and Clutch Cleaner 500 ml Wynn' s

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The Dutch premium brands Carpoint (Car accessories) and Dyto (Bicycle accessories) stand for high quality, low price and fast delivery. With the wide assortment and representative packing you are able to create a complete range of products. These articles are all very suitable to be used as a gift. Of course all products are tested according to current norms and regulations.


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10 October 2017
Sometimes you need something that bit extra to do a job, sometimes its something you would never have dreamt about using!
Well, this is just the case with Wynns Brake and Clutch Cleaner.

As a Graphic Designer, I end up doing all sorts of jobs. Currently, I have been involved with Re-liverying a range of Ford Transit vans for a client.
This required for the CHROME Transit lettering to be removed from the Tailgate.
Removal was straightforward - But, the GLUE that was used would not clean up, it was a sticky mess.

I tried the obvious first choices;
Lighter fluid - Failed,
White spirits - Failed,
WD40 - Failed,
Trico-acotone - Failed!

An on-site engineer suggested using Brake Degreaser, as they used it for everything!

I did and it DID!
Job Done...

So you can use it for many more situations than its intended for, but obviously check it out on a small area first in case it causes more damage than good.

Ended up buying 3 cans, one given back to the engineer for giving me his can, which I ended up using up.
T Fenton
24 January 2018
Essential when changing brake discs and a brilliant all-purpose grease and muck cleaner. Much cheaper than Halfrauds etc. Would buy again.
Mrs H.
11 November 2018
Does what’s it says on the tin.
17 December 2017
Good price as an add on item
Carlos Parada
17 April 2018
quality product
30 March 2018
Great price..does what it says on the tin!

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