xluckx 24 Egg Incubator and Hatcher for Chicken Goose Duck Birds Digital Automatic Turning Temperature Control

  • Adjustable automatic egg turning. Programmable turning interval. Digital temperature controls allows for temperature settings and easy operation.
  • Perfect for incubative lessons and demonstrations; Suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, other poultry and birds eggs.
  • CE certificate, LED display shows temperature, humidity, and egg turning countdown time; Less noise and lower energy dissipation.
  • Automatic temperature control, turning eggs, lighting eggs
  • Product Size (cm): about 45 * 18 * 30cm / 17.72 * 7.09 * 11.81''

Function: for hatching eggs/experimentFunction: it can automatically control temperature and turn over eggs.Suitable for breeding chickens, ducks, quail eggs, birds and other poultry and birds.Power: 60W frequency: 50/60hzProduct size (cm):5*18*0cmVoltage: 110V /220vList: specification *1 kettle *1 power cord plug *1Material: ABS.


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